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Serbian Multi-Talented Artist Nevena Unveils Soul-Stirring Ballad of Love and Longing

Nevena’s musical prowess was evident from a young age when she stood as one of the finalists in the prestigious “First Voice of Serbia” competition during her time at music high school. Her exceptional talent transcended borders, leading to captivating performances on international tours. Seeking growth, Nevena pursued her education at the esteemed Berklee School of Music in Boston.

With her dedication and artistry, Nevena’s star continued to rise as she graced esteemed venues in the United States and collaborated with renowned record labels. Beyond her artistic achievements, Nevena’s commitment to nurturing musical talent is commendable. In 2019, she established the Monody Music School, empowering aspiring artists and expanding across three locations in the US and Serbia.

The inspiration behind her new song “Lena” struck Nevena during a quiet night in Boston when she stumbled upon a photograph of her cherished niece living in Serbia. The distance separating them evoked strong feelings of nostalgia, prompting Nevena to pen this touching tribute in just thirty minutes, accompanied by tears of sorrow and love.

Sharing the song with her boyfriend that same night, his emotional response confirmed Nevena’s decision to share this heartfelt ode with the world. “Lena” eloquently expresses the challenges faced by performing artists who must sacrifice time with their loved ones due to extensive traveling. Yet, it serves as a powerful reminder of the profound love for family and dear ones.

Collaborating with renowned producer Dusan Alagic from Belgrade, Serbia, Nevena breathed life into “Lena”. The song was recorded at the prestigious Village Studios in Los Angeles, showcasing Nevena’s piano skills and Alagic’s expertise. The result is a captivating melody and evocative lyrics that will resonate for sure with a lot of listeners.

Watch the video HERE


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