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Nevena Djordjevic is a singer, songwriter and educator best known for her diversity in music styles and practices. Her original music is influenced by Pop, Jazz and Traditional Balkan music blended into her own, distinguished music style. The most valuable tool in Nevena’s career is a music practice that serves people who are in the biggest need of music and affection. Therefore, she recently developed a concept of “Active Music Therapy Performances” for children and adults with special needs.


Born in Jully 31,1993 and raised in Kovin, Serbia, Nevena performed and won various music competitions as a child. At the age of nine, she started her musical education by taking piano and music theory lessons. In 2008, Nevena enrolled in "Stanković" Music High School in Belgrade and decided to dedicate her life to music. Throughout her musical education, Nevena was a very responsible and active student and musician.

While still in high school, Nevena rose to the fame as a performer and finalist in the first season of "Prvi Glas Srbije/ First Voice Of Serbia". Since then, she’s been performing in front of 10 000 people all over the Serbia and Europe. Meanwhile, she recorded her first single "Tražim te po sećanju" and a duet with Filip Mitrovic “Nesreco”.

After the high school and during the entire gale of popularity, as a full scholarship winner, Nevena got accepted to the “College Of Music” in Belgrade, where she studied Jazz Performing Arts. At the same time, Nevena decided to share her knowledge and experience by opening her own music school, which counted 30 students.

Despite her growth and success in Serbia, Nevena decided to bring her musicianship and career to the next level. She came to “Berklee College Of Music” in Boston to continue her studies. Soon after her arrival to Berklee, Nevena became very active as a lead performer at various concerts and venues. She performed next to the worldwide recognizable artists such as Tigran Hamasyan, Sheila Jordan, Theresa Thomason, Paul Winter, Vlado Georgiev and many others.


During her time at Berklee, Nevena discovered and let a beauty of different cultures influence her own music. Her theory is that power of music needs to be delivered through different methods: Performance, Education and Music Therapy. She is currently recording her first album which will be released this year, performing with her band “Finesse”, her duo “Nevena & Nikola” and solo on the piano. She is also teaching and releasing her project “Active Music Therapy Performances”, which will be performed internationally.

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