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NÉVÉ impressed the American audience, then came to Serbia – her new music video will blow you away

NÉVÉ is releasing a new song “Take Me Back” or "Vodi Me". The music video was made in the United States where she’s been performing and living for a couple of years. This modern and yet cultivating song reveals Nevena’s multiple talents. She wrote music and lyrics, as well as the scenography for the video.

“I originally wrote this song in English while living in Boston. Song talks about beautiful emotions that we can keep for ourselves even after a breakup. When love ends, we usually suffer and stick to that moment of parting that is painful. In this song, I was guided by gratitude for the beautiful moments that came out of a relationship and that we can keep as a loving memory, even when the love comes to an end” says Nevena.

The original title of the song "Take Me Back" was "Take me back", but Nevena did not want to publish it until she was sure about the final version in Serbian.

"I like to sing in Serbian language, and the whole song had that beautiful nostalgic tone for me. It talks about loving memories, and I think about my country in the same way. Although I no longer spend too much time in Serbia, it is my home, so I always look forward to it and keep all the childhood memories close to my heart. The song became complete only when I sang it in both languages" Nevena explained.

When it comes to the first confirmation that the song is good, Nevena has a secret recipe that she says, never fails.

"My bison Buddy was the first to hear the song and he obviously liked it, so I had no dilemma at all. "Animals, and especially dogs, unmistakably recognize good energy, which was the leading inspiration for this song, as well as for the video we shot at sunset by the ocean."


Nevena Djordjevic (28) is a singer and singer-songwriter of pop/world music, known as the super finalist of The First Voice of Serbia competition. After that, Nevena released the first single "Trazim te po secanju". Despite her career, eighteen-year-old Nevena is leaving Serbia to continue her music education at the "Berklee Colege of Music" in Boston. Meanwhile, Nevena’s been writing her original music and performing with eminent musicians across America (New York, Boston, Nashville, Newport ...). Today, Nevena lives in Boston where she founded her own music school "Monody Music School", while building an international music career.

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