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Star of the "First Voice of Serbia" Releases New Song

Boston, MA - 25-year-old Nevena Dordevic, a finalist of the 2011 First Voice of Serbia TV show, has released a new single, Za gram Tvoje Srece. A native of Kovin and one of the best Serbian singers-songwriters of her generation, Dordevic dedicated the song to her late father who had died of cancer.

Dordevic is one of Serbia’s most sought-after performers. On multiple occasions, she had appeared on Pink TV and starred at Kanli Kula castle, and for The International Childhood Cancer Day. Nevena, feel free to add a few more prestigious performances here. Dordevic’s performance of famous Serbian folk song “Mito Berkrijo”, broadcast live by Serbian National Prva Televizija, was watched by more than one million people.

After moving to the United States to study at prestigious Berklee College of Music on scholarship, Dordevic continued to create great music. Her single “Trazim te po secanju” received acclaim from international media. While in the US, Dordevic has also been performing with fellow Serbians, including famous young guitarist Nikola Stajic.

“I am happy and humbled that through my work Serbian music is getting additional international exposure,” says Dordevic, “As singer-songwriter and arranger, I frequently fuse Macedonian rhythms and Serbian melodies with free-flowing jazz improvisation and contemporary Western harmony. And this new song, Za gram Tvoje Srece, is especially close to my heart as it is dedicated to my late father.”

Za gram Tvoje Srece is produced by Town Hill Colony, a record label known for its successful work with Sevdah star Amira Medunjanin. Dordevic is the label’s new leading singer-songwriter, with an exclusive contract and several tours lined up for next year.

In the meantime, Za gram Tvoje Srece is available on Itunes and Spotify.

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